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Errol Strickland

City of Riverside Sanitation Department Superintendent


Errol Strickland

A down to earth, people person, Errol Strickland called himself the “World’s Greatest Cook.”  In reality, he was a man of many talents.  The only thing he loved more than a good golf game was his music.  He played the Bass in a band with Junior Stowers and Charlie Parks evry weekend for years at a club on Mt. Baldy.


At one time Errol Strickland was the bookkeeper for Oscar Harris, the first Black to hold a city contract.  When the city took over the sanitation operation, Errol Strickland was hired as the City of Riverside Sanitation Department Superintendent.  Donning a suit and tie every day, he was so efficient at what he did, the money he saved on maintenance of the city trucks was disbursed to other departments within the city.


Errol Strickland never took a vacation, but would take time out of his day to play golf.

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