Ordinary People. Extraordinary Lives. The Untold Story.

Dignity, Integrity and Honor is our Legacy


“We have to hold up the bloodstained banner, we have to hold it up until we die.”


Protest of repeal of the Rumford Fair Housing Act at Riverside's Mission Inn. Anna E. Beverley (front), Ellen Stratton Strickland (behind Anna Beverley). The Rumford Fair Housing Act was a law passed in 1963 by the State of California to end racial discrimination by property owners and landlords who refused to rent or sell their property to Blacks. It was drafted by William Byron Rumford, the first African American from Northern California to serve in the legislature.


Journey of the Spirit

Dedicated to all those who stood at the forefront, breaking through the barriers of injustice and  inequality, creating opportunities where none previously existed, and dedicating their lives to making Riverside, California a better place to live.

It is upon their shoulders we stand with dignity, integrity and honor.

We thank  you so very much for building the bridge for us to cross and showing us by your outstanding  example we do not walk the path alone.

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