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Goodwin Family Reflections


” If we stand tall it is because we stand on the backs of those who came before us.”

-Yoruba Proverb


 Jean Strickland Goodwin exemplified the real meaning of family…unconditional love.


Jean Strickland Goodwin

“I Remember…growing up in Lincoln Park!  Our family lived on 12th Steet, “the Eastside” of Riverside.  We spent our summers there much as the Kennedy’s would spend theirs in Martha’s Vineyard!

Some nights we didn’t even bother to go home!  Momma (Jean Goodwin) would send us home for sandwiches and anything else she would need, as we only lived five minutes away at a fast run.  Yes, we often slept over in the Park, in “our spot”.

Danny Avila, a Riverside police officer, and later detective for the force, would often stop by to have conversations with Momma and check up on us.  Many nights my friend, Carol Williams (whose brother McCoy Williams was a lifeguard at the Lincoln Park Plunge), and I would go night swimming alone, or with friends, after she would get the key that opened the office area of the pool!”

Pamela Goodwin Daniels


“I Remember…the pool, the baseball leagues, the Summer Day Camp, the palm fronded booths on Labor Day, the talent shows in the auditorium, the smell of the little weight room Dell Roberts ran, the smell of good Mexican food wafting from Los Amigos.  I remember Joey Zaragoza rolling in dirt to climb the greased flag pole to get the dollar that was put on top of it.”

Craig Goodwin


“I Remember…learning how to waltz and two step in hall next to the Stratton house.  I remember the dances where I would only dance with my sister Pam and she would get so mad at me because I would keep all the other guys from asking her to dance.  I remember learning how to play scrabble and bid whist from Dorie (Dorella Anderson), swimming from McCoy Williams and Dell Roberts, and learning how to properly hold a ping pong paddle from Robert Bonds (Bobbie Bond’s oldest brother, and Barry’s uncle).

I also remember Irving School.  Mrs. Eggley for kindergarten, Mrs. Schroff, Mrs. McPherson, Mrs. Lott and Mr. Jordan…and then Mr. Gray at Lowell School.”

Gilbert Goodwin

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