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Benjamin & Armanda Decatur

By Edward & Peggy Cleveland Streeter


“I am overwhelmed by the grace and persistence of my people.”

                                                                 -Maya Angelou


Benjamin Decatur came to Riverside in 1895.


My grandparents, Benjamin and Armanda Decatur, were living in Cartersville, Georgia, when they heard from the Stokes family about the favorable working and living conditions in Riverside, California.  In response to this good news, my grandfather came here in 2895 and later sent for his wife and their eldest daughter, Alice.  They bought property on Center Street which is known now as Prospect Avenue.


My own life began in Riverside in the early 1900′s following the marriage of Edward Streeter to the above named, Alice Decatur.  Both my mother and father remarried and had other children.  On my mother’s side are Marjorie, James and Milton.  On my father’s side are Ellen, Edward and Frank.


It is with great joy that I recall my marriage to Eddie Mae Cleveland (Peggy).  Our marriage endured for over 50 years.  Born into our union were sons, Melvin and Herman.  On July 26, 1963 Herman, however, met with and untimely death.  His survivors include his wife, Gwendolyn; two adopted sons, Cleveland and Clarence, as well as five children born into their union, Peggy, Paula, Herman, Pamela, and Carlton.  My eldest son, Melvin, married Kathleen and they have four children: Douglas, John, Kew and Kuit.

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