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Fond Memories of Lincoln Park


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The Greatest Place on Earth


“My fondest memories of Lincoln Park was going swimming during the summer from 1948 until 1960.  This was an all day event for me.  I was on the Lincoln Park Swim Team and our coaches during then were my cousin Art Williams and Pete Wilson. Several years later, my coaches were Coy Williams and Dell Roberts.  Laura Williams and  I would have to be at the pool at 9:00a and practice until the 11:00a.  We would go home and do our chores and then go back and swim the rest of the day until  the pool closed.  This was everyday.  In 1953, I won the Riverside County Girls All Around swimmer and Laura came in second. This was a surprise to everyone except our coaches because they had faith in us and knew what we were capable of doing.   The movie “Pride” with Terrence Williams reminds me so much of Lincoln Park .  Those were the days.

I remember the evenings in the summer, we would come back to the park and see the Dukes Softball Team. The girls had a team and I remember the Scott sisters were the core of our team.  Coleman Scott was the coach and the rivals were the Magnolia Maids.  Most of the time our games ended up in us getting into a fight with them because they underestimated us as a team and we were there to show them that we were good.  Josie Scott was catcher, Sara Scott pitched, Cookie was short stop.  I played first base and would alternate with Billie Jean Goodwin.  Billie Jean’s Mom was most always in the stands cheering us on.

Those were really the good old days.”

Ethel Culpepper-McCullough, August 30, 2012


“Although Jeffrey & were both born in Riverside, but raised in Pasadena for the most part, I have fond memories of Lincoln Park too. Whenever we came for a visit in the summer, Lincoln Park was the place to go, I think it’s where I first learned water safety & how to tread water.”

Beth Ann Patterson Wesley, August 27, 2012


“I really got excited when it was time for dance class with Mrs. Anderson. My fondest memories of dance class are many, but I especially remember enjoying bending over backwards and walking on my hands and feet.  ”Down Cellar Said The Cricket,” a dance that was confusing at first, is right at the top of my fondest memories. What a wonderful feeling we all had after completing the learning of this non-traditional dance composition…and then performing it, was EXHILARATING!

I loved the “Girl Chats” and massive laughing spates on the porch after dance class. That’s when I would sing a song I said I made up, which Tanya [Beverley]  eventually said I did not make up, and she was right.   As they say “confession is good for the soul.”(smile)  I remember being pushed into the deep end of the pool, the day I really began to swim. We were blessed.”

Glenda Kinniebrew-Gilbert, August 27, 2012


“Roxann threw my twin and  I in the swimming pool at Lincoln Park in 1964 and said “swim!” LOL”

Cleven Abernathy, August 27, 2012


“I grew up in Riverside on 10th St.  One of my fondest memories is of Lincoln Park Swimming Pool. I had a fear of water although I was often there. I was able to walk into the pool by using the steps, but the hard part for me was jumping into it. There was a little skinny boy, Goodwin was his last name, that would always chase the girls from the locker room out to the pool. Because of him I was able to jump into the water, and at 3ft. at that..lol

I can still see him chasing us…skinny, short boy with very skinny legs..hahaha!  Those were the good ole’ days!!!!”

Sallie Silva Castro, August 27, 2012


“Tacos and girls in bathing suits, that’s it in a nutshell. Of course everything was great! I joined a game of horseshoes played by older men because they were missing one person. I enjoyed it. So the exposure to different things was also a plus.”

Richard Aubert, August 21, 2012


“I remember Lincoln Park back when I was very young, like 3 years old, when my Grandpa had his “Sweet Shop” there.  It was a little hole in the wall, but I use to love to go there ‘cause everybody was there.

Through our childhood even up to the teen years, Lincoln Park was a safe place to be.  Everybody was there, all of your friends, your family, “boys”.  We could and did just hang out.  There was no reason to run the streets or get into trouble ’cause Lincoln Park was the place to be.  And your parents let you go there by yourself.  I took my younger brothers and sisters, Carmen, Cheryl, Leonard, and Mary.  No problem, they would be safe.

But with all of that the very best thing and the life saver was the pool.  In the summer it was hot in Riverside every day.  We were happy when the temperature got down to 90 degrees.  Most days were 100 and up to 110 and even 120.  I kid you not.  Yet, me and my friends Tanya, Cadena, Pat, Sylvia, Glenda and more would walk to the park to go swimming.  We HAD to go swimming ’cause it was hot AND everybody was there.

Of course, we all took swimming lessons from Dell.  We all knew how to swim, it was  a requirement, a way of life.  Our parents knew how to swim.  Some of our parents use to throw us in the Lincoln Park pool when we were babies.  It was a Riverside “thang.”

Lincoln Park and the Settlement House was our refuge.  During the week we had club meetings and dance classes with Dorella.

Loved it.  Appreciated it.”

Tendai Jordan, August 17, 2012


“The pie eating contest when I won.  I guess I was about 12 years old.  Gay Caroline, Dorella Anderson and George Brown made that place a peaceful refuge for all that had no where else to go.”

Jackie Anderson, August 16, 2012


“Is this the park just off of Park Avenue at 14th?  Then it is the park that used to host church league softball games where Kathy and I think we were first introduced to each other by a mutual friend.  The rest, as they say, is history…Thanks!”

Dwight Tate, August 15, 2012


“Thoughts of Lincoln Park always bring a smile to my heart.  My earliest memories include watching the Dukes play baseball.  My Dad, Uncle Malcolm (Key), Uncle Sonny (Rowland), Hank Culpepper to name a few.  Everyone on the team was familiar.

Mr. Williams and Mrs. Caroline (Aunt Gay) were always there with a smile keeping us all on the right track while ensuring we learned something and had a good time.  Mrs. Betty Baxter was one of my favorites…besides being our next door neighbor, she ran the little library and I loved to read.

My memories include Mrs. Dorella Anderson throughout.  From the preteen dances to modern dance to social clubs to fashion shows to talent shows, she taught us and led us.  I learned parliamentary procedures, leadership, planning and thought I was just having fun.  And I haven’t even mentioned swimming, the festivals, drill club, beauty pageants, the great tacos and just spending time with friends.  Lincoln Park was a crucial part of our community and I’m thankful to have been a part of it!”

Tanya Beverley Ashley, August 14, 2012


“My first eight years were lived in Lincoln Park.  I loved the Circle Rose Walk.  All of the varied activities and clubs.  I remember the Gay Lassies.  They had a dance and they were doing the Madison Walk.  They looked so beautiful.  Also, at certain times of the year we had a festival / parade and different community stores and churches had booths.  The Palmers always had a booth and the Mexican store across the street had the best Tamales.

I remember when the two clubs had wiener roasts.  I met so many of you there just hanging out.  Those were great years.  The Park was beautiful then.  I can still see it in my mind.  The Bowens had a hot dog store across the street with the best Foot Long Chili Dogs.  And almost every Sunday you saw the Goodwin Family on their corner.  Great Times.”

Marion Stratton Fowler, August 14, 2012


“The “club” dances & swimming at the pool…after swimming the little taco house across the street.  I think they were a dime each.

As a young man; drinking Rainer ale (“the green death”_ on a hot summer night, while sitting under a tree on the Lincoln Park lawn, and listening to the Dells sing “Oh What a Night”, blasting out of someone’s car radio, parked nearby.  All the while feeling the cool night air of a Riverside summer”

Raymond Bush, August 13, 2012


“I remember going swimming twice a day both noon and evening sessions.  On the fourth of July at the swimming pool they would always throw change in the pool and everyone would dive in for the money.  We used to play tag in the pool too and Dorothy Palmer and Leon Culpepper would always try to dunk everyone under the water.  We would do weightlifting, ping pong, baseball, basketball and cookouts on the Holidays there at the Park.  It was the best gathering place for all of us.  Dell Roberts rented a truck and would take us on field trips.

Then Al Washington, Richard Howard, Snook Thompson, Lonnie Hale, Stan Davis, Obie Wilson, BooBaby (Anthony Neal), Maurice Morton, Rollie Mosley, Richard,  Stan and Redboy Albert and their sisters, the Ball children, Billy King and I would go across the street to get those homemade Tacos and Tamales. It was like having one big family and we are still family today.  I also remember Dell Roberts and his wife as being a big brother to all of us and is still that way today.  Dorella (Anderson) is also a great inspiration.  I give thanks and praise to them for their guidance in those times.”

Alee Mitchell, August 12, 2012

“Lincoln Park gave me uncountable memories and they were all good.  I guess if you lived in Bell Town until 7th grade, Lincoln park was like the Sunset Strip.  The swimming pool, annual boxing events, with Charles Holmes, Dorothy Palmer and George  Wynn.  Pre-teen dances, followed by Club night on Fridays.  they had sporting events, talent shows and good fast food joints within walking distance.  The best thing of all. they had great supervision staff that controlled all scheduled events primarily without incidents.  In the late fifties and early sixties, Lincoln Park was the place to be.”

Almon Thompson, August 11, 2012


“I remember swimming there in the summer and then going to get a gordito after swimming.”

Jackii Hall, August 10, 2012


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