Ordinary People. Extraordinary Lives. The Untold Story.




“I have learned that success is to be measured not so much by the position one has reached in life as by the obstacles which he has overcome while trying to succeed.”

-Booker T. Washington



Adams Kart Track, West Riverside, Adams Family

Ruby Strickland & Danny Culpepper

Allen Furniture Store, 8th St., John Allen


Bartee’s Beauty Shop, 11th St., Willie F. Bartee

Blue Lantern Restaurant & Pool Hall, Park Ave., E.E. Pitts

Blue Note Records, Park Ave., David & Helen Jones

Bowens Restaurant, 13th & Park Ave., Ivarine Bowens

Boyd Barber Shop, 10th & Park Ave., Robert Boyd

Boyd Real Estate, 10th & Park Ave., Emma Boyd


Coleman & Davis Beauty Shop, 14th St., Leona Coleman & Mylie Davis

Confectionary Store, 12th & Park Ave., Charles & Josephine Gordon


Danny’s Place, 14th & Grove, Danny Culpepper

De la Houssaye Medical, 8th & Park Ave., Dr. De la Houssaye

Decatur Grocery Store, 14th & Park Ave., Decatur Family


Gordon Beauty Shop, Park Ave., Frances Gordon-Green


Harris Sanitation, West Riverside, Oscar Harris


Jackson Beauty Shop, 11th St., Laura Jackson

Jones Auto Garage, Park Ave., Buster Jones


Master Glaze Auto Wash, 14th & Main, John Allen

Montgomery Cafe, Park Ave., Rev. Montgomery


Norris Television Shop, Park Ave., John Norris


Palmer’s Chicken Shack, Park Ave., Palmer Family

Palmer’s Dry Cleaners, Park Ave., Palmer Family

Peg’s Party Shop, 14th St., Peggy Streeter

Ponder’s Barber Shop, 8th St., James Ponder


Reynolds Brothers Gas Station, 14th & Park Ave., Al & Harold Reynolds

Reynolds Shoe Shine Stand, 10th St. Downtown, Sanders Reynolds

Riverside Carriage Exchange, 10th St., Frank Johnson


Stowers & Webb Auto Garage, 10th St., James Stowers & Walter Webb

Streeter Real Estate, 14th & Park Ave., Eddie Streeter

Sweet Shop, Lincoln Park,  John Allen


The Place, Vine St., L.B. Walker

Tillie’s Mortuary, 10th & Park Ave., Frank Tillie


Wiley & Stokes Grocery Store, 12th & Park Ave., Wiley & Stokes Family

Winston Grocery Store, Sedgewick & 12th St., Joe Winston


Yates Restaurant, Park Ave., Ida Yates

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