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Second Baptist Church 1890-1940


 Second Baptist Church celebrates over 117 years in our community.


Historical Papers of Second Baptist Church

Rev. William Thomas became Pastor of Second Baptist Church in 1925.

At 3:00 p.m September 21, 1890, Rev. Charles Winbigler, Pastor of the First Baptist Church Riverside, and thirteen chartered members, organized Second Baptist Church.  The chartered members were Brothers Robert Stokes, Prince Edwards, J. Henderson, Waren P. Carter, Robert Cook, William King, S.S. Hopkins, and Reverend Berdelll;  Sisters Lucinda Carter, Amanda Stokes, Jennie Edwards, Mary Stokes and Parphenia Cook.  On that historical day these chartered members began a journey of faith, and trust in God.


The Missionary Society was organized January 23, 1894 with Mrs. P.E. Edwards as its first president; the Board of Ushers was organized in May 1925 by Sister Peggy Cleveland Streeter, with Sister Blanche Fluelling serving as one of its early Presidents.  The The Mother’s Day Club was organized in Sister Virginia Bailey’s home on Mother’s Day by Rev. Thomas.


It is noted that on the second Sunday in June 1915, 15 members asked for and received Letters of Dismissal to organize the Park Avenue Missionary Baptist Church, Riverside.


The Sunday School was divided into two major divisions – the Adult Division and Primary Youth Division with a General Superintendent of the Sunday School.


(1890-1924):  Reverend A.C. Clisby was its first pastor followed by Reverends J. Whitlock, Steve Smith, C.C. Nooby, J.D. Gordon, W.A. Mitchell, H.D. Hardman, F.W. Cooper, M.E. Terrel, F.K. White, G.W. Reed, Patt Westbrook and Tom Moore.  These men served their church well.


March 7, 1925, Reverend William Thomas arrived in Riverside and after conducting a ten-night revival, was elected – March 24, 1925 – as Pastor of Second Baptist Church.


The Church has had four locations during the first 50 years.  It was first located on the corner of Eighth and Main, Eighth and Orange, Tenth and Pachappa (Commerce Street) and Twelfth and Howard.


Reverend Thomas served his Church and Community for 5+ decades.

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