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Charles F. Jamerson – Tuskegee Airman


“The Ultimate judge of a person’s character is their ability to exceed expectations when little recognition or praise is given”

          -Quote on Tuskegee Airmen Poster


The Jamerson family lived on Kansas Ave.

“Jamerson was born in Louisiana, but moved to California at an early age.  After completing high school, he entered San Jose State College and was an engineering student when the war began.  He enlisted in the Air Force at March Field on April 1, 1941, and was assigned to the 332nd.  Jamerson was sent overseas with the 332nd in January 1944, and was assigned to the 99th.  He flew 78 missions with the 99th and was credited with damaging a jet plane in a running battle in which he chased the German aircraft within ten minutes of Berlin.”

Excerpt from “Tuskegee Airmen: The Men Who Changed a Nation,  Page 334, Charles E. Francis & Cdolph Caso


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